Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Vita Brevis Breviter In Brevi Finietu

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Trios Coleurs: Bleu

This is a really beautiful French film about a woman who loses her daughter and husband in a car accident. She attempts to cut herself off from the previous world which she lived in, moving into a new apartment and cutting ties with people she once knew. Juliette Binoche is a really beautiful woman who I think plays the part well. She is totally believable and charming as Julie.

The film is part of a trilogy of colours, show in several scenes via the juxtaposition of the colours blue; the main colour of this film, white and red. Which are also the colours of the French flag. There are some beautiful uses of colour throughout the film, including the swimming pool scenes in which Julie, the protagonist, is seen swimming in a blue lit pool. The blue of her jewelled lamp shade is also particularly beautiful, especially when her exotic dancer neighbour holds them in her hands, almost giving the illusion that they are huge water droplets.

The use of the orchestral soundtrack makes the film even more romantic. But the lack of music in certain scenes makes the film seem even more realistic and believable, and gives the impression that Julie is detached from the world which she walks through, as though it is going on in the background without her.

The end credits of white text on a blue background also makes a colourful change from the norm.

Things I Love This Week

My New Boyfriend - Aaah so sweet, funny and good looking, blates onto a winner! :)

Cupcakes - Gorgeous, if not sickly sweet and all for £1.75 bargain! I'd eat them all day if I didn't think I'd be ill after attempting a second one!

French People - I love hearing beautiful French people speaking French. Its so gentle and feminine. Makes me wish I could speak it properly! Juliette Binoche is a prime example of this, shes so beautiful in Trois Coleurs: Bleu. This is how I imagine all French women to be like, but they're probably not all stunners in real life.

Shirts - Black or white with sleeves rolled up please. Yummy. Especially on one guy in particular.

Friends - I love it when a friend opens up about something they're worried about, I love feeling closer to that person. Its also awesome to feel that someone trusts you and respects your advice.

Christina Aguilera's By Night Perfume - Smells so nice and lasts suprisingly well since its a fairly subtle scent! I love the bottle too - nice and feminine without being over the top girly!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I Recommend...


I found SillyCut on Etsy whilst looking for random treats to buy myself on payday. I came across the beautiful necklace as shown in the photo below (Photography by FiFi Von Dynamite) in SillyCut's shop and adored it! After uploading a feedback photo of me wearing the necklace to Etsy I received a lovely message from the lady behind SillyCut and felt that I had not only a perfect shopping/purchasing experience, but also had found a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time. So definitely I recommend SillyCut for the beautiful jewellery they sell!

SillyCut Blog
SillyCut Etsy Shop

Things I Love This Week

My Ralph Lauren Jumper – I actually can’t stop wearing my gorgeous Ralph Lauren Polo black jumper. It’s such good quality and looks really smart on. I’m currently loving the preppy look, which mostly consists of black and white check skirts, white shirts, knee high black socks, my Rocking Horse shoes and some lovely black and white braces I found on eBay for £2! All I need now are some sexy black glasses and I’ll feel like I’m actually uber smart ;)

Snogging Boys In Clubs – Aah it’s been a while since I spent all night kissing some random hot guy! Makes me feel like I'm 16 again, good times!

Birthday Cards – In particular the ones with cute messages on! Thanks people :)

The Queen (film) – Saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting since it was about the royals surrounding the time of Princess Diana’s death. I remember odd bits of news footage of the time but I was only 8(ish) so it was interesting to see real news/media footage mixed in with a dramatised version of events from behind the scenes. I think the film was enjoyable, and has given me a new outlook on Tony Blair in particular. I wonder if we’ll ever know what happened to poor Diana.

Nachtmahr – Not specific to this week since I completely bum them all year round!! But still! I can’t stop listening to El Chupacabra and Titanic, definitely two of my favourite Nachtmahr songs. Really can’t wait til they tour again <3

Lesley Roy – Just downloaded her ‘Unbeautiful’ album and every song on it is awesome! Current faves are ‘Dead but Breathing’ and ‘Unbeautiful’. If I could have anyone’s voice (bar Fiona Apple’s) it would definitely be hers! Also just discovered Poe and Kerli, who may also soon be some of my favourite singer-songwriters. I was impressed to find that Poe is the sister of the guy who wrote ‘House of Leaves’ which I'm currently reading! It’s a small world!

Power Plates – Vibrating goodness! Only tried it for the first time this week. I think they’re just for toning and stretching, but they're hella fun! Even though they make your ears funny and your voice vibrate when you talk!!

Alexander Wang Dress – This was my birthday outfit for my 22nd birthday. It’s beautiful; I love the cut and think it’s really flattering. It does have a tendency to make my boobs look smaller though, but I still love it! So worth the money!